What would Sophia Loren do?

Sophia Loren

One way I’ve been passing time is watching old Italian movies. I’m in a Sophia Loren phase. Apart from giving me full confidence that eating spaghetti is the way to live, her characters have a strength, practicality and robustness that is reassuring.

As well as the vintage collection, her most recent movie is on Netflix along with a documentary, What would Sophia Loren do? It’s the story of fandom: an Italian-American grandma who reviews her life through the lens of Sophia’s influence. I love that she is still a star in her 80s.

The grave of Emmeline Pankhurst

This was a strange week. It started with International Women’s Day and ended with the silencing of women at what should have been a peaceful vigil in London.

The reminder that it might not be safe to walk alone. Or to protest.

The knowledge that we’ll have to do it anyway, if we aren’t going to go backwards to require chaperones and give back our right to vote.

I attended an online vigil that gave me a lot of hope for what can be achieved when we join together to share our experiences. The Women’s Equality Party is where we can collaborate for political representation and change. I look forward to seeing how we can push for equality as a collective.

When I get disheartened, I am going to ask myself: what would Sophia do.

I ask if she has ever felt lost, or beset by self-doubt, and she considers the question for all of two seconds. “Yes, well, maybe sometimes. But then I say to myself: ‘Shut up. Be strong. Just keep going and try. Sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes you win.’ I made some mistakes,” she shrugs. “But still I won.”

Xan Brooks interview with Sophia Loren in The Guardian

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