Our bodies and our choices

It was a Friday afternoon in the UK when the news broke. In the US, the supreme court had overturned the Roe v Wade case, which granted women the right to terminate a pregnancy. This is expected to lead to several states banning abortions. Women in those states will have to travel to seek reproductive healthcare or they may be forced to continue with unwanted pregnancies. Impoverished … Continue reading Our bodies and our choices

On Saturdays we procrastinate

I’m sitting here trying to motivate myself to do something with the day. ‘Only boring people are bored’ said my friend’s mum, when we were lounging about during the school holidays. The words live on in my brain. Sometimes I’d shut my eyes and try to imagine the universe in the strange shapes forming against the darkness. Stillness, mindfulness, meditation. All things that came naturally as a child but take practice and dedication as an adult. Continue reading On Saturdays we procrastinate


I write about the body and my relationship to it often. It’s something I feel changing over the years, as life happens. During the pandemic our bodies felt like machines to exercise and precious goods to protect. There was a battle between physical and mental health, where keeping ourselves safe came at a cost to our social connections. Friendships shifted and are still reconfiguring. I … Continue reading Healing