Me vs. exercise

January is the time of year when gyms are full of amateurs. People who don’t go enough to know how every machine works, or have a regular workout, or feel comfortable in lycra. People like me. Finding exercise I enjoy has been a life-long challenge. I don’t dispute the benefits of exercise, but sports have never featured in my hobbies. It’s hard to admit this … Continue reading Me vs. exercise

The art of relationships

The Modern Couples exhibition at the Barbican is powerful and educational. Go and see it before 27th January 2019. It tells the story of 46 relationships between artists. Each story has dates of the relationship, extracts from personal letters and a selection of art created by all the people involved. Why is it special? I can’t remember reading every single description in an art gallery … Continue reading The art of relationships

Becoming a cyclist

I’ve decided to become a cyclist in London. Become is the right word because this a journey and I’m not there yet. The location is important because cycling in London is terrifying to me. This is a scarily busy city with buses, cars, lorries, motorbikes and scooters jostling for space on old, congested, narrow roads. Rush hours fuelled by rage and pollution. It’s no place … Continue reading Becoming a cyclist