Me vs. exercise

January is the time of year when gyms are full of amateurs. People who don’t go enough to know how every machine works, or have a regular workout, or feel comfortable in lycra. People like me. Finding exercise I enjoy has been a life-long challenge. I don’t dispute the benefits of exercise, but sports have never featured in my hobbies. It’s hard to admit this … Continue reading Me vs. exercise

Make-up isn’t high on my list of priorities

Female beauty standards. From a young age, girls are taught we need to wear make-up to present our faces to the world. We have to work hard, pass exams, make friends, exercise, but god forbid we do any of that without the precise combination of rouged lips, dark eyelashes and pink cheeks that society deems normal. We get early inspiration for this from dolls. We’re … Continue reading Make-up isn’t high on my list of priorities