Thinking about race

It has been impossible not to lately. The death of George Floyd in the US after a police officer knelt on his neck was the catalyst for widespread protests. It shocked us out of our Coronavirus news coma. Black Lives Matter demonstrations happened all over the UK, reminding us that this is both an international and a local problem that we need to address. We … Continue reading Thinking about race

People are more than 2D

As lockdown starts to ease across the UK, spending time with other people is coming back into the realms of possibility. I’ve been angry, perplexed and at times despairing at how the Government advice has never addressed the mental health aspects of remaining isolated or socially distant from all others. Too often it seemed the face of power was a middle-aged white man in some … Continue reading People are more than 2D

The neighbourhood is back

Eventually there had to be some kind of upside to Coronavirus lockdown, the stay at home sentence which bans spending time with anyone outside of your household or going out for non-essential reasons.  The mental health challenges are obvious. We put all plans on hold. We have to process the grief of everything being turned upside down. We are lonely and miss people. But I … Continue reading The neighbourhood is back

Little and big worries

I know I’m not alone. The past few weeks have seen us all go from worrying about the daily minutiae – what’s for dinner tonight, have I paid that bill, should I book a holiday – to being overwhelmed and engulfed by the global Coronavirus pandemic. It confirms my belief that there is always a list of worries and we simply prioritise them according to … Continue reading Little and big worries