Basic? Not applicable

Don’t worry about her. She’s basic. Here I am photographing a neon sign like a basic bitch! I like scented candles – I’m so basic lol. What is basic? The Urban dictionary defines it as: 1. Used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to. 2. Lacking intelligence and unable … Continue reading Basic? Not applicable

Low-key Christmas

My family has always had a low-key attitude to Christmas. Since we’ve never been a perfectly organised, ideal homes style family, this seems only fair and right. Everything we do can and will change as we evolve. These are the (non) traditions I learned. We put the decorations up sometime in December, but usually fairly late. My parents have a fondness for a bargain which … Continue reading Low-key Christmas

Activism reactivated

On Saturday 20th October, I was on the streets of London at a peaceful demonstration to call for a second referendum on Brexit. It’s being called ‘a people’s vote’, a chance for us to vote on the issue of leaving the EU with full awareness of what that would mean for people in the future. Along with almost 700,000 who attended, I believe that the … Continue reading Activism reactivated

The complicated love of London

A survey was released showing how non-Londoners perceive the capital city. Comparing the raw data to its reporting in the media is a topical reminder of how data can be manipulated to tell a sensationalist story. Many of the headlines are aimed at fuelling the divide between London and not-London. Here is the real deal. The results show that: 38% visit London once a year or … Continue reading The complicated love of London