Roses are red, but make choices instead

No sooner are the Christmas cards off shelves before we get the onslaught of red heart displays for 14th February. There’s the traditional, the jokey, the ironic cards. The chocolates, flowers and fizz. No. No. No. It’s a no from me. This year I find myself blissfully liberated from Valentine’s Day brainwashing. Because what is V Day? It’s the tired remnants of a time when … Continue reading Roses are red, but make choices instead

TV obsession: Killing Eve

Killing Eve is a TV series written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. And it’s amazing! I haven’t been hooked on a TV program for a while. The latest BBC dramas seem so predictable that my attention span is rarely able to last an episode. But Killing Eve is a very different proposition and commands attention. For a start, it has the best, most disruptive female characters ever. … Continue reading TV obsession: Killing Eve